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Please park in our parking lot (behind Artopia) on NE 2nd Court between 18th Street and 17th Terrace. Metered street parking is also available.

Private Events

Mignonette woud be happy to host your event or party. We can accommodate 8 to 50 people. See the menus here:

The Edgewater

The Fancy

The Double Fancy

For more information or to make a reservation please call (305) 374-4635 or email info@mignonettemiami.com.

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Daniel Serfer

Owner/Executive Chef

Chef Daniel Serfer, a Miami native, opened two restaurants in his home town - Blue Collar in 2012 and Mignonette in 2014. Serfer didn't always aspire to be a chef, let alone a restaurateur with a flagship at a hooker motel. His goal was to be a criminal defense attorney but while studying for the LSAT he realized his inspiration came from cooking and not the law.  Danny’s cooking is from-scratch, straightforward and delicious.  Serfer is able to oscillate between casual American comfort food and elegance with ease, and his restaurants reflect his no frills, full flavor attitude. He was a pioneer in Miami as one of the first restaurateurs to set up shop in the resurgent MiMo district when he opened Blue Collar and follows suit with Mignonette in the up-and-coming Edgewater neighborhood.  

Ryan Roman


Following the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword, Ryan Roman cuts all of his steaks with a pen. A Miami native, Roman began writing about food and restaurants in 2009, with the launch of his blog, Miami's Restaurant Power Rankings. Roman also contributes as a columnist for Edible South Florida. When he is not writing about food, he is a practicing attorney with the law firm Akerman LLP.

Roman first met chef Daniel Serfer after becoming a regular at Blue Collar, but perhaps the more compelling story is when the two didn't meet. Unbeknownst to Roman, Serfer would read Roman's blog while laboring away in a kitchen in New York City, during a short absence from the Miami culinary scene. Operating under the misimpression that the namesake “power rankings” on the blog were the result of some scientific algorithm, as opposed to one person's arbitrary opinion, Serfer dreamed of opening his own restaurant back in Miami and achieving a spot on the rankings. When Blue Collar opened, Serfer invited Roman to a media preview, having pushed his public relations company to free up one extra seat. The stars were aligned for the two to meet and for their friendship to begin.

Roman declined the invitation. Unaware of the backstory that Serfer had created in his head, and generally preferring to avoid what he perceived as freebie meals, Roman saw the invitation as just another piece of PR material for the circular filing cabinet.

But unlike Sharknado, this story has a happy ending. Roman discovered Blue Collar in due time, falling for its emphasis on comfort food, its homey vibe, and its friendly staff.
After developing a friendship during which time Roman served as best man at Serfer's wedding and godfather to Serfer's firstborn child (who is affectionately referred to as Steak), and during which time Roman's fear of commitment made it impossible for him to return such favors to Serfer, the two conspired to open Mignonette.

Mignonette is an oyster bar with an approachable, fun environment where patrons can enjoy a dozen oysters, a bottle of champagne, classic seafood preparations like Oysters Rockefeller and Clams Casino, and a kickass prime rib. Sharing the same DNA as Blue Collar, Mignonette is casual yet classy. Plain and fancy, as we like to say.

Bobby Frank

Chef de Cuisine

When Daniel Serfer set out to find a chef de cuisine for his and Ryan Roman's new lovechild, Mignonette, Serfer was fully aware the search wouldn't take him far. For in his own backyard (Blue Collar's kitchen, if you will) was Bobby Frank – Serfer's protégé and Mignonette's new chef de cuisine.

With over 10 years' worth of industry experience under his apron, Frank has seen his fair share of kitchens. He began his career in 2002, at the young age of 15, humbly bussing tables at Lake Seminole Square retirement home in Largo, FL. In five years he worked his way from the front of the house to the back of the house, eventually finding himself in the kitchen where he realized he belonged.

Frank studied at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, FL and earned an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor's in Food Service Management. While still in school, Frank worked up the ladder at Emeril's at the Loews Hotel on Miami Beach. Under the leadership of Emeril Lagasse, Frank went from garde manger to lead grill cook in just six months.
After graduating in 2010, Frank was offered the opportunity as sous chef at Norman's at the Grand Lakes Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. Realizing that Orlando was no Miami, he hauled his U-Haul back to the 305 and transferred to Norman's 180 in Coral Gables, all the while maintaining his role as sous chef.

Before meeting Serfer and becoming his executive sous chef in 2013, Frank had never heard of Blue Collar; during this time, he admitted to living under a rock called Kendall. Frank drove past Blue Collar five times before realizing the restaurant he was interviewing at was, in fact, adjacent to a Biscayne Boulevard hooker hut. “This looks promising," he sassed to himself before walking through the door.

Serfer saw a little (read: a lot) of Young Danny inside of Frank. After strongly critiquing Frank's experience, the two quickly formed a bond. It's similar to a bromantic relationship, as the two text and call each other at odd hours of the night – probably unbeknownst to Serfer's betrothed Roman.

As the chef de cuisine at Mignonette, Frank – whom Serfer affectionately calls Grey Bush (for Frank's distinctive salt-and-pepper locks) and Bobby Bottle Service (watch this for reference) – now sets his sights on the conquest of shucking oysters and schmoozing with guests alongside his Jedi master chef and número uno, Daniel “Papa Bear" Serfer.

Matt Dinkel

General Manager

Matt Dinkel wants to live in a world where it's OK for a grown man to cry at the movies, especially animated ones about industrious animals (read: Ratatouille, Frankenwenie). Matt was brought onboard as General Manager of Mignonette in June 2015, and man did we luck out. A born and bred Hoosier, Matt is fond of all things Midwest, particularly corn. In fact, he loves corn so much he has an ear of it tattooed on his arm.

Matt attended Purdue University where he studied food & beverage hospitality and worked at Dick's Bodacious BBQ. Matt was put in charge of wine purchasing and carefully selected the three offerings for their list, sometimes four! Matt graduated in 2007 and armed with a Certified Sommelier pin, he packed his bags and moved to Hawaii. He began as a young grasshopper at Sheraton Kona, rising through the ranks to become Banquet Manager and leader of the hotel's beverage program. When Matt had eaten enough SPAM for his lifetime, he came to Florida and helped to open the W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale as Director of Banquets. Matt took on the beverage program and built the wine and beer lists from the ground up. If you attended a wedding there between 2009-2013, you're welcome.

It was there that he met his future wife, Sarah, together they have two children, Madison Harper and Oliver Lawrence. Madison is two and very into Bob Marley, Oliver is one and very into eating his foot. Matt and Sarah gave their children these incredible names in anticipation of them making it BIG and having to drop 'Dinkel' because Hollywood is cruel!

Danny found Matt while he was chained to a desk doing hotel consulting. Danny knew it was time to strike, so we scooped him up to become a part of the Mignonette team and we're not looking back. Matt is an incredible asset on the floor and continues to take our wine offerings up a notch. Matt says 'wine is the best partner for a meal.' He prefers funky wines, “not like cleaning out your fridge funky, more like George Clinton and the P-Funk All-stars funky.” Phew. Matt likes wines that make you move, not dance necessarily, but wines that you have to work through. Currently, he's working on our 'explorative palate' wine list where we'll highlight more 'funky' stuff. Gotta have that funk.

Nick Liedel

Sous Chef

Nick Liedel packed up his car with his double black belt, his pup and a dream. He drove from his hometown of Stafford, Virginia to Miami Beach – and we are so thankful that he did. Nick graduated from Old Dominion University with a double major in Marketing and International Business. His passion for cuisine was ignited during his semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain. “I tried things I thought were weird, I tried things I thought I wouldn’t like,” Nick explains, “the exposure to Spanish food really opened up my eyes to how integral food is to a culture.” Nick came back determined and embarked on an environmental crusade to spread awareness throughout the school’s campus. Nick was particularly fixated with food sustainability and farming. Four days after graduation, Nick took a job cooking at Five Points Community Farmer’s Market in Norfolk, VA. There, Nick had the opportunity to work with local produce, meat and seafood. Nick was charged with managing three vegetable gardens, the compost program and teaching square-foot gardening classes. Continuing his streak of over-achiever-ness, Nick worked simultaneously as garde manger/pastry chef at a popular restaurant on Virginia Beach. There he learned classic culinary techniques like making ice cream, pasta dough and organizing a walk-in. Nick found himself working under James Beard nominated Chef Jeff McInnis at Yardbird and then at the Icon South Beach catering private events and organizing an all organic diet program for local Miamians. Nick’s passion for clean living, fitness and a healthy diet can only be stopped by one thing - his grandma’s cookies. Danny caught wind of this health-conscious-extremely-talented-culinary-minded individual and called Nick in for an interview; sources are unclear on how Danny found Nick’s number (read: Bathroom wall at Whole Foods). The next day, Nick was hired and has been an integral part of the team ever since. He has proven himself to be the guy who we can count on to keep the kitchen smiling and the food delicious.

Alex Orriols

Sous Chef

Alex Orriols, Mignonette’s newest Sous Chef, is lovingly called Ozzy. If you saw him walking down the street, you’d know why. Alex learned to play guitar when he was eight years old, his first ever riff was Lola by the Kinks (mad respect.) By the time he got to high school, Alex joined the orchestra and picked up violin as well. While in school, Alex met his personal Mr. Miyagi. Rolf Nettesheim, a classically trained chef from Germany, took Alex under his wing and taught him how to cook. Working with what they found in Rolf’s garden, Alex received a farm to table education without even realizing it. Following high school, Alex earned his Associates Degree from Miami Dade College in Music Education. He got a job at Sam Ash where he really took advantage of the downtime and learned to play harmonica, bass, sax and piano. Did he sell any guitars? Some, but mostly he made sweet, sweet music and that’s what it’s all about, man. Cooking professionally had always been in the back of Alex’s mind. His grandmother is a phenomenal cook; when Alex was young she used to sit him on the counter so he could watch her make scrambled eggs. Alex spent his senior year away from home, at Tranquility Bay in Jamaica. He learned to love curry goat and Jamaican patties but the thing he missed most was grandma’s cooking. It finally occurred to him that what he loved to do most, so he enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating, Alex worked behind the line at Whisk and Pizza Johnny’s. All the while playing harmonica and fiddle in a bluegrass band. In 2014, Alex’s daughter Aria was born. She is almost two and is a huge fan of My Little Pony. Shout out to my bronies!

Charlie & Pancetta

Official Mascots

Charlie Serfer and Pancetta the Golden Retriever are the official mascots of Mignonette and are affectionately known as HBICs.

Reed van Brunschot


Reed van Brunschot is a Peruvian/Dutch American Visual Artist, working with mixed media, sculpture, performance, installations, paintings, and video art. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She has exhibited in the Netherlands, Brazil and The US and is responsible for the copper Constellations and Polarities, the school of gilded fish that swim through our Aquarium Room.

Her artworks take on displacement, daily life through the ‘transitional moment’, one in which a given situation suddenly and unexpectedly changes, be it in form or in sentiment. By building relationships between unexpected elements, through materialization, or correlation to the viewer, there is an emphasis on a dialog between the man, and the absurd object. Speaking in quotidian symbolism, her practice is based on themes of childhood, home life and all things ephemeral. You can find more of her work at http://reedvanbrunschot.com/ and http://www.reedvanbee.com/!


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